Health &Safety

JMK Civil Engineering Ltd places as its highest priority, the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, sub-contractors and the general public. Our Safety Policy clearly sets out the company’s commitments and objectives in order to develop a strong and sustainable Health and Safety culture.

The Director has overall accountability for health, safety and the environment and, as such, is responsible for communicating the policy to all our employees and for ensuring that the policy is fully implemented and reviewed at least once a year.

A fundamental objective is to ensure that every employee is fully equipped with the relevant tools and resources to enable them to perform their job safely and effectively. Additionally risk assessments and method statements are provided for each separate job or project which outline a safe method of working.

To help us achieve the highest level of safety in all aspects of our works we employ a health, safety officer on a full time basis as well as an accredited health and safety consultant.

Working closely with the Health and Safety officer, he provides professional advice and guidance on the development of the Safety Management System and all of the company’s health, safety and environment policies and procedures.

The main aim of JMK Civil Engineering is:


✔ To create the best possible working environment where the appropriate Health and Safety behaviours are encouraged at all levels in the company.

✔ This aim is reinforced with excellent communication and the development and maintenance of a Safety Management System.

The Safety Management System provides an important framework for the achievement of JMK Civil Engineering Ltd’s Health & Safety policy and objectives and sets out all our company’s safety procedures and work instructions. Based on the OHSAS 18001, the SMS is continuously reviewed and appropriately updated.

A main objective of JMK Civil Engineering Ltd is to achieve accreditation of OHSAS 18001 within the next 12 months with continuous review and updates.

Please see our below health and safety certificates: